On Presence and Privacy.


This is a bit of a complex one simply because it has been a while since I have attempted to articulate myself effectively through writing online, due to what has seemed to be a very long hiatus. Many questions posed to me during this time revolved around the art of mastering a sense of privacy online, whilst simultaneously maintaining an online presence.

In retrospect, the gradual development of friendships with individuals, which were initiated as meaningful DMs/comment with strangers, is within the very few reasons why I am grateful for online platforms. Secondly, having the ability to simply share experiences through various mediums which resulted in the knowledge that someone was able to empathise, it resonated with, or even helped another, has been another contributing factor towards my fondness of the online world. Thirdly, being able to share physical moments through my love of photography with many across the world was just… nice.

However, at what point does sharing become oversharing? When should a boundary be put into place between oneself and one’s audience? How has the amount of access the audience has, gradually increased over time, and why? Has it increased to an extent which one is comfortable with? What kind of access does the audience possess? Many questions.

I have realised over time, as the use of social media has changed, along with my perspectives, there is no reason good enough to justify too much access online for people I do not know personally. The same applies to my interactions offline. I have found some sort of magic in having only a select handful of people with access to myself. I am more than comfortable with no longer having a plethora of anonymous messages on Tumblr expecting answers as though I owe an explanation, I no longer need to be unsettled by strangers on Instagram saving my photographs (WEEEIRRRD) and creating false accounts with them, it is brilliant not receiving random friend requests on Facebook, and not having onlookers view my life through Snapchat and responding only to what they would like some juicy context (gossip) for. I am happy just simply adding to my Pinterest boards, undisturbed. There seems to be a sense of stillness that comes with disconnecting and I like it. It has made the online experience all the more pleasant for me. Customised privacy settings are a Godsend.

Undergoing major life changes since my last post on here, until now, made me ponder on the output I would like to have accessible on my online space. It is truly conflicting because I am aware I can write about happenings that many can undoubtedly relate to, empathise with, and maybe even birth meaningful connections over. However, the privacy is too alluring.

Nevertheless, I hope the content I choose to continue posting from hereon forth continues serving the same purpose of inspiring a change in someone’s life, be it minuscule or major. The time away from writing left me with space and time to seek inspiration and have lightbulb moments.

I am excited to begin creating and sharing once again.

See you soon, and as always, I truly appreciate the time you have spent here.


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