When we leave out the label, we disregard the beliefs an individual may hold or what they may choose to identify as. When we leave out the label, we look past the brand name of a product and focus on how it functions or how it looks, how it compliments the face or how it may adorn the body. When we leave out the label, we disregard everything except appreciation. We appreciate people, things and experiences. We celebrate them. This is part of the essence of happiness. It contributes towards enabling our journey to be that little bit more euphoric.


I am using this platform to share parts of my life with the public eye. However, I have chosen to be specific and share only parts that I am passionate about and which I think will benefit others. It is an outlet which I hope those who may happen to stumble across, will find it intriguing and enlightening. Any feedback will be appreciated and I hope viewers benefit in one way or another by what I choose to share.
Let us share our opinions and celebrate them together.

7 thoughts on “Philosophy

  1. Jazak Allahu Khair! I really appreciate your perception in fashion, funny that my fundamental values as a fashion designer is exactly the same to your views. As I always say ‘quality over name’ all the way 🙂

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