My name is Ateafa and I am an educator and a perpetual learner. Leave Out the Label is an ongoing documentation born from the inspiration I have obtained (and am still obtaining) over the course of my life through my upbringing by my mother and my father, experiencing the diverse cultures of countries I travel to, my years as an academic studying for a cluster of different qualifications, the plethora of interactions with a multitude of varying personalities in numerous environments and settings, and my ever-growing love for literature, art, film and fashion.

Leaving out the label is a selfless and celebratory action which inspires us to overlook what individuals may choose to identify as and the beliefs they hold – as long as they are not of harm to Mother Earth and all She contains. It encourages us to focus primarily on the functionality and details of products, how they may adorn the body or compliment the face, thus omitting their brand names. Leaving out the label emboldens us to solely appreciate and respect individuals, articles, sentiments and experiences.

I truly hope those who discover this space of mine find in it benefit, enlightenment, inspiration and a yearning to improve the inner and outer workings of their being. Let us share our opinions and celebrate them together.

  1. Jazak Allahu Khair! I really appreciate your perception in fashion, funny that my fundamental values as a fashion designer is exactly the same to your views. As I always say ‘quality over name’ all the way 🙂

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