A Thalassophile’s Demise. Cause of Death: The Sea.

Should we give ourselves to the sea
when she calls to us?
When she opens up her arms,
and whispers,
“come. There is so much room
in me
for you”

She will strangle us –
her arms tightening around our torso,
making our lungs burn.

Our bodies love us too much to let us die.

So we will panic
and we will fight her frantically.
We may call out to be rescued.

She will fill our mouths with nothing but herself
and she will ask why we are calling to beings on land
for help
when all they have done
is kill us.

Her roaring will be in unison with our pleas
and with each crash, her waves will pull us in deep.

Then she will put us to sleep.
She will hold us.
Tuck us in deep.
Love us.

We will be at one with the sea.

Endless waters.
Away from humanity.

Does not this bring peace?

Mediterranean. Alex Alemany.

Many years ago, I came across this painting by Alex Alemany. I was speechless as I felt it stir something within me. It was a perfectly precise and accurate depiction of the love I hold for the sea. What was strange was how well I felt it paired with this written piece I had penned down prior. Both Alemany’s painting and my writing depict the sea as a concept of comfort, one which we can seek refuge in from the noise here on land. The sea is another world entirely and at times, it is tempting to want to get lost (sometimes forever) in a place which we do not know. The sea is where land, with all it holds in its palms, ends. It is powerful enough to take us away from all that we are familiar with, and although there can be comfort in the unknown, it can also be deadly.

Love and gratitude, and like always, I truly appreciate the time you have spent here.
Happy 2021.


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