Social Media.

Just because you may not continuously or excessively post your life on social media, does not mean you do not have a life. A quote by the street artist Banksy comes to mind: “I do not know why people are so keen to put the details of their private lives in public – they forget that invisibility is a superpower.”

Post only with the true intent to inspire, to educate and to uplift. Share your knowledge not to display how far your intellect may have the ability to reach, but to enlighten. Share your feats not to boast of your acquirements, but to encourage and to motivate. Share your talents not to vaunt, but to influence and impact.

Do not place your validation and approval in the hands of beings who are facing complications in validating and approving their very own selves. Social media is a complicated web of narcissism, deception and egotism. Remain humble and authentic. Keep your integrity intact and be mindful and aware to not give into self adulation.

Remain wary of what you expose your consciousness to. It is the most integral aspect of your being. Protect it.

  1. My sister this post is very informative and also points out we the human race are in big trouble. I have written about the trappings of Facebook and what that medium does to you. But, I believe social media is a danger to us all. I won’t go into all the details as I’m sure you are aware of it yourself. For example, You ride the bus, people on their phones. You go on the underground, people on their phones. You wanna date someone, you go on the phone. People don’t even know how to have conversations anymore. The art of conversation can’t be practiced on your computer or phone. In 50 years everybody will be hooked up to a computer in virtual reality.

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