Gradually and Gracefully.

Find peace in knowing that God, or a higher power, is aligning everything in this universe perfectly for you and I. This is why things in our lives may be taking a while to come into fruition. Therefore, do not be bitter when you see something happening for another individual that which you want to happen for yourself. Be nothing short of happy for your fellow human beings when you witness them celebrating a feat, finding love or achieving a goal. Remember that we are all on our own journey and our own spiritual path. Your time shall come. My time shall come. For now, give gratitude for what you are currently blessed with. Attract more blessings with gratitude. God is love. Trust God to allow everything to work in our favour – gradually and with grace.

  1. You don’t understand how much I needed to read this for real thank you. When your about to give up on something you worked your entire life for and then you come across a blog with a powerful message like this one it give you hope. You’re amazing thank you again♡

    1. i am truly glad the blog has served you hope. do not give up on something you have invested years of your life in. familiarise yourself with the intentions you initially set upon embarking on your journey and hopefully this shall softly encourage you to see your vision clearly again. all the best. may the spirit be with you.

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