A Love Affair with Photography.

Four years ago, I wrote about my love for photography and how my journey with it began. Yet I never gathered the courage to write about my growing dysthymia and how over the years, it gradually stole away from me, the love and adoration I had reserved for photography, as well as numerous other activities. I found myself feeling hesitant to shoot events and occasions. My cameras gathered dust. It is heartbreaking to lose touch with the things that once brought you immense joy; it makes you feel like you have lost a part of yourself.

One of the most beautiful things about healing is the rediscovery it brings with it. The lingering nostalgia in the air is fulfilled. A sense of wholeness is achieved. Familiarity is felt.

I realised that the keen interest I had in photography had not died. It had just been numbed. My love for it was revived recently when I began to truly realise the importance of what I choose to surround myself with. I wanted to capture who and what was good for my soul. I wanted physical photographs that captured moments with people and of places I held a lot of love for. Digital pictures are great, yes. However for me, I place more value in physical photographs. They cannot be edited or filtered. They are real and raw. True and pure. So I bought a load of film and began to use a film camera for the first time. (: It has been wonderful and I am happy with my growing collection of photographs. Here are a few. They are not great but as they say, practice makes perfect.


  1. This really makes me feels happy.. When people find their passion after numbness.. and feels complete..

    I am really happy to see you happy.. ! Great start.. !

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