I am truly grateful.

Grateful to have the ability to open my eyes each morning with my health in a happy condition.

Grateful to have my head resting on clean pillows and to have my body nestled in a warm blanket, resting on an undamaged mattress.

Grateful for a home with many windows that let the sunlight pour in.

Grateful for my legs that support me enough to let me stand and move to a bathroom where I am blessed with clean and warm water.

Grateful that food is at my fingertips and that I have the means to make whatever I desire to eat, at whatever temperature I want.

Grateful that I have a selection of clothes to adorn my body with and shoes to protect my feet with, whatever the weather.

Grateful that I have the opportunity to seek an education which equips and inspires me with knowledge.

Grateful to have the courage to relentlessly pursue what I believe will allow me to wake up excited and fall asleep fulfilled.

Grateful to have the ability to read and have access to books in order to educate myself on numerous topics, or to simply steal away from reality for a short while by getting lost in another fictional world.

Grateful for all past experiences and difficulties at present as they have inspired me to be bold in the face of the future.

Grateful for my mother, for an endless amount of reasons.

Grateful to have friends who support, encourage, love and educate me.

Grateful for God.

Grateful to be able to sit here, writing this in safety – feeling even more grateful upon acknowledging that this is only a fraction of what I owe gratitude to. There is so much more.

We are blessed.

June was a month of deeper self reflection brought about by unexpected changes in life (hence the lack of posts). It is easy to make what pulls us down the focal point in life. However to find gratitude in what may bring us down is what uplifts us. To make things we must be grateful for, the focal point in life is also what deters us from obsessing over what may not bring us peace. We must be made aware of the components in our lives that feed our sense of fulfillment.

Rumi once said, “what you seek is seeking you.” We attract what we come to embody, what we are, what we think. Seek gratitude. You shall be grateful you did.

Happy July and thank you for reading.

May the spirit be with you.


  1. Thiss post made me happy… I am soo happy to hear about your conditions getting better.. and specially the things you have acknowledge in your life πŸ’œ

  2. This is such a beautiful post. Your heartfelt message is crystal clear and your thoughts pure and pristine. We should all be grateful for everything life offers us and embrace with such positivity. You are a good soul. Stay blessed

    1. Manuel, thank you ever so much for your kind words and encouraging attitude. i truly appreciate them.πŸ’œhappy July. let us make it a fulfilled one.

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