Solitude is my lover –
she holds my hand
when I walk.

She whispers in my ear
that she is here

  1. Quietude – the Quiet Confidence seems to be holding your other hand – For believers it is the hand of God, For Atheists it is of someone we deeply love. Great poetry. I liked it. Warm regards. Jay

    1. i do agree that it is a form of “quiet confidence” that i feel but i do not believe it is the hand of God or someone i love deeply. it is simply the overwhelming comfort one may come to discover and feel through reveling in solitude, which i believe is what i am experiencing. i cannot feel any other being, except myself, sharing a part in it.
      i hope this makes sense. it is often difficult to word the musings of the mind. however, thank you so much for reading and i appreciate your approval of my writing very much, as well as your insight to its context. it is always intriguing to read what others think. (:

      1. i am humbled. truly. thank you. i am so glad you enjoy reading my work. i enjoy reading yours just as much. (:

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