Today I went to the bookshop I would visit almost every time I would walk past it because it is one of my favourite happy places in the city. Initially I went in looking for a book that would aid me in completing my dissertation but I ended up leaving with something that was not relevant at all but seemed immediately appealing all the same.
It has been a good few months since I went in the bookshop last and as I was walking out, it made me realise something:
when we go through something negative, it has the power to overwhelm us completely if we let it. It can overwhelm us to such an extent where we begin to slowly but surely disregard things which make our hearts feel light and happy. But once we get through this phase which weighs us down, and we slowly ween ourselves into being involved with the things which initially made our inner selves feel content, we understand how much of a victim we became to let what we went through, throw us off balance. It allows us to see how our state is constantly changing as a result of life’s experiences and the way we handle them.

If we are capable to gather the strength to handle life’s bad experiences in a manner where the effects of them are very minimal, if not evident at all, we find that we do not lose touch with the things that were originally a source of contentment for us. However, we are human beings and sometimes we get tired of being too strong on a regular basis. Sadness does exist for a reason after all – to be felt.

When you slowly begin doing things which bring happiness to yourself and your day again, after the difficult experience(s), that is when you know you are either healing or have healed. So if you are in a battle right now, I hope you understand that you should endure it and appreciate it. It is pushing you to grow and eventually, maybe you will visit your happy place in the city, one that you have not been to for a while because of the heaviness you were feeling, and you will walk out of it feeling light.

Happy March. (: I hope this month will be filled with beautiful memories for you.

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