It is currently 1:27 am and I am sat in bed reflecting on the past week and a bit. Living alone has really made me come to value and realise a lot. Firstly, it has been a strong reminder of the love I have for my parents. I miss their presence. I miss my mama’s cooking. I miss my father coming to check up on me before he turns in for the night. I miss it all. Shakespeare was right – absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

You know, as humans, we take a lot of things in life for granted and only come to realise we do when those things are not around as much as they used to be. Realising that makes me want to hug the life out of every situation and person in the moment I am presented with them. It is an indicator to live every experience that life gives me to the maximum and that is something I am excited about. (:

Something else that I have come to learn more about is responsibility. Recently, I have had to force it a lot more than I usually do. It does come to be exhausting and I see it as a heads up of what the coming years of life are to be like. So although it is something I do not enjoy much, I am trying to learn as much as I can from it as possible.

I find it amazing how the mind has the power to make the decision whether your body does or does not get out of bed in the mornings. I feel like the list of responsibilities in your head plays a little part in that. That negative energy to avoid productivity is most prominent in the mornings, which can aid in the difficulty to get up and face the day. Therefore, lately I have been trying extra hard to really control the way my mind works, even when I am feeling the most tired. Zzz.

If I have learnt one exciting thing about myself recently, it is that I love cooking! (: I can go on forever about how cooking is a wonderful learning process but I am sure you can read all about the philosophy of it in the introductions of the books by famous chefs. It was just very surprising to discover that about myself but I am really happy that it has come to be something I enjoy doing and not dread every evening.

I have found that when you are alone, you literally do come to find out things about yourself and I think that is really exciting – to know there is still a lot more to you left to be discovered. Yknow?

When you take a turn in your life and are left without the initial usual comforts, people who really care for your well-being do make themselves apparent. This makes you understand who is worth keeping around and who is not. Furthermore, this helps you in the de-cluttering process which results in you feeling empty yet satisfied.

I watched a movie the other day and a question was raised that went something like, “if you had a boat and could take those who really mattered on it to sail out to sea, who would you take?” It really left me thinking.

When there are not many people around, a lot of time is left available to fill. Finding new things to fill this time with has been a refreshing experience for me. Also, I feel I have come to truly understand the absolute importance of it. I see it as a blessing.

So to summarise –
1. Make the most out of every single experience.
2. Keep a leash on your mind.
3. There is still a lot more to you than you think.
4. A few people who care is better than a lot who do not.
5. Spend your time wisely. It is going.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. (:

  1. What a reflective yet uplifting post. 🙂 I think it is amazing that at any given stage in life there is always more that we can discover about ourselves, and so many chances to enhance our characters.
    Do you have a favourite dish to cook, or perhaps a particular preference of which culture the food is from?

    1. glad you enjoyed it. (: isn’t it just? we are constantly evolving whilst time is unraveling. when it comes to food, i find that i lean more towards Italian. (:

      1. And time is constantly unravelling. It’s surah Asr says, we can either be in loss whilst time slips away, or we can be working on improving ourselves, being truthful and forbearing.

        Italian food is so lush 🙂 *drools* so many lovely fresh tasting dishes that come from that region.

        I would love to one day go to Italy and try some authentically italian dishes, and them come back home and try to recreate the dishes, or even add some of my own flavour (ha ha) to them.

      2. exactly. (:
        I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD. that sounds like a wonderful idea. i’m sure you can find recipes for authentic Italian dishes on the internet too. maybe you can try them out and recreate them too? (:

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