Let’s talk serums.

Hello, August! (:
Okay so let us get straight into it. I have began to avoid using oils on my face as much as I used to, especially at night time, and have began exploring serums. You can explore them with me here. (:

12 We will be looking at (and in no specific order):

  1. Dr Organic’s Snail Gel eye serum.
  2. Bodyshop’s Vitamin E serum.
  3. Bioeffect EGF serum.
  4. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery serum.

These are the ones I have been using/have used recently. They all aim to enhance the visibility of the skin by repairing it. This is going to be a slightly lengthy post as we will be going into extreme detail about all of the 4 serums listed above.

1. Dr Organic’s Snail Gel eye serum.
You can read up on the Dr Organic’s snail gel in my earlier post here. This serum is basically a mixture of the snail gel secreted and filtered, along with:

  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
  • Safflower Seed Oil
  • Oilive Fruit Oil
  • Candlenut Oil
  • Moringa Seed Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Olive Leaf Extract
  • Jujube Seed Extract


It is used for targeting the eye area. Dr Organic claims it reduces wrinkles and fine lines within 4 weeks. However, the majority of claims made by skincare companies are not entirely true and I honestly do not think this one is either. The only reason I purchased the eye serum was because my eye area was extremely dehydrated as I was not using anything at all on it for treatment and this was really taking its toll. It needed a kick of moisture and this is exactly what the eye serum does. It moisturises and it hydrates.

The texture is a runny almost yellow liquid which certainly does have a noticeable smell to it (nothing unpleasant, just interesting). In the time I have been using it (around 2 months), I have noticed it smoothing the texture of the skin around my eyes and slowly but surely eliminating the dryness. This serum has healing properties initially, due to the snail gel but additional benefits have been added because of the natural ingredients that have been fused with the snail gel.

I have become a religious user of the Dr Organic’s snail gel range ever since I purchased the snail gel 5 months ago and it dramatically and immediately improved my skin. Therefore, it was the first range I turned to when searching for an eye treatment. It really does have a cooling effect on the eyes, especially after you leave it in the refrigerator for a while and then apply it. This is fantastic for the mornings as it contributes to waking you up (which is a real problem for me). Along with the moisture it delivers, I have noticed the slight crow’s feet I had on the corner of my eyes turn subtle and not appear as prominently as they once did.

It is not crazy expensive and is also great for just throwing into your handbag when you’re on the go. I highly recommend this serum for anyone who is looking for a light yet effective treatment. It rubs in very easily and quickly but honestly does deliver well. I’m glad I opted for this product when searching for an eye treatment as I honestly feel it has dramatically improved the state of the area around my eyes. Give it a try pls you will not be disappointed.

2. Bodyshop’s Vitamin E Serum.
Vitamin E is an antioxidant which repairs the skin as well as protects it. It contains anti inflammatory properties among other things and can help to prevent skin ageing.

This product is really for the times when you are going to be sleep deprived (exam season) and know your skin is not going to get the treatment it deserves due to the lack of sleep. Night time is when the skin heals itself and this Vitamin E serum aids it in doing just that. If we do not give our body the 8 hour sleep it needs, it will eventually affect the skin and so the Vitamin E serum acts as a substitute for the benefits lost in the hours lost. Comprende?

The pipette controls the amount it gives out. 1 pinch means 1 drop. Around 3-4 drops are recommended for the entire face. After patting the drops generously over the entirety of your face, gently massage it in. It smells so eatable (but this noticeably fades), is clear and has a silky texture.

I used this after reading positive reviews of it online and really needed a night time serum because I had eliminated oils from my night time routine. However, my skin did not react very well to it and so I stopped using it. It caused my skin to dry up a lot. Everyone will react differently to it though. (: It is very inexpensive so I would recommend you try it if you are looking for a remedy for your skin because of a ridiculous sleeping pattern. If it does not work for you then make sure you double up on foods rich in Vitamin E. These would be almonds, tofu, shrimps, avacados, sponach, fish, etc.

3. Bioeffect EGF Serum.
This stuff is actually magic. There is a whole story to it which you can read on the Bioeffect website here along with a whole load of valuable information on taking care of the skin which I would really recommend. However, I will quickly and briefly explain here.

This serum contains cellular activators that are made in plants. The initial aim, before the launch of this product, was to use barley in order to produce cellular activators that were purer and more human like for medicinal purposes. Barley was the plant of choice because it is known for being good at producing and protecting the proteins in its seeds. Using biotechnology, the cellular activators are fused in with the barley seeds. The ingredients in Bioeffect’s skincare prodcuts are sensitive to many ingredients used in high end products, just like the skin is sensitive to them.

EGF, a cellular activator, stands for Epidermal Growth Factor. It aids in increasing the production of collagen and elastin along with reducing the signs of ageing. EGF is produced naturally by cells and is found in the skin. However, as time goes by, the regeneration of the EGF cells reduces. After too much exposure to the sun, the body is not able to produce enough EGF to keep the skin feeling or looking firm. This is where Bioeffect’s EGF skincare products come into the picture. (:

It is advised to use the serum on a clean face in the morning or before bed for best results. You should wait a few minutes for the skin to fully absorb the serum before applying any moisturiser or make up.

I actually got a small tester of the EGF serum and was so glad I tried it out. I literally woke up to new skin. I would recommend this highly for breakouts. I used this with the snail gel on my breakouts when I was not looking after my body much (thanks a lot, semester 2) and it really cleared my skin up in just 3 days or so. It is an expensive product which is understandable due to the amount of research  that has gone into the production of it and it is targeted for an audience whose skin is losing its youthfulness. I would also say it can be used for clearing the skin up so if you are desperate for a very effective treatment which is guaranteed to work, I would definitely recommend it. It has been nothing but amazing to my skin and I am so upset my tester has finished. ):

4. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery serum.
This is the best smelling serum from the list and I blame the lavender it is infused with. It is an elixir made up of botanicals that are distilled and pure oils. Kiehl’s claims it “effectively restores skin’s healthy appearance overnight, resulting in smoother, more radiant complexion by morning.” This is because of the substances that it is enriched with:

  • Squalane which is a botanical liquid that is similar to natural skin lipids with regards to the molecular structure.
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids which help to reduce the production of inflammatory compounds involved in the ageing process.
  • Lavendar as an essential oil which penetrates skin’s surface to replenish it.


All these ingredients together help depleted skin by adding a high amount of moisture. It is to be used at night time as this is the time where the skin is more receptive to repairing and healing itself from any daily damage.
Again, the pipette controls how many drops are used and they are to be patted on to the skin and then massaged into it. It is clear and has a very light and silky texture.

I opted for this serum after Bodyshop’s Vitamin E did not agree with me and it has been great. I would love to use it in my morning skincare routine as I absolutely swoon over the way it makes my skin look. It honestly does repair the skin and reminds me slightly of the EGF serum. However, I would say it works at a much slower pace and is scented as opposed to the EGF serum. My skin has reacted well to it and everyone I know who has used this has been more than happy with it. (:

So that is all 4 serums covered, woo. I apologise for the length of this post but I guess it can make up for the crazy amount of time I have been away, eh? (:

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