Mr Daniel Wellington.

“A girl like you needs a watch.” “Why aren’t you wearing a watch?” “You would suit a watch so much. ” And so I went and bought a watch.
6 I’ve always used my phone to tell the time and have gotten so used to it that the thought of using a watch was far from appealing. However, once I began going through the phase of wearing, being and living minimally, the watches from Daniel Wellington caught my eye not once, not twice, not even thrice, but over and over again because they were blowing up the blogosphere and so I went ahead and just bought one, didn’t I.

Daniel Wellington have a range of watches for men as well as women on their website and they are all stunning pieces. They come in different sizes and colours and each have different names. I took a shine to the Classic Sheffield Lady in silver (you have the option of either silver or rose gold). The genuine black leather strap compliments the white face of the dial really well. It emphasises the whole monochrome look which you must have figured I love by now. The silver figures and the hour and minute hands make the time easy to tell and I honestly get a thrill when I pull back my sleeve to check the time because it is such a stunning piece to look at.

If you’re like what I was like and always use your phone to check the time and are thinking of becoming a watch person, I recommend looking through the watches on the Daniel Wellington website. Their packaging is so simple yet stunning and you can read all about the story as to why the company uses the name of Daniel Wellington. (:
I’m in love with my piece as it compliments my wrist and literally any outfit I wear it with. It’s like magic. It is minimal, it is attractive and it is classy.

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