On Taking Care of Yourself.

I’ve been absent for far too long on here. The past 2 months have been chaotic but I have so many posts planned so let’s jump back on the wagon. (: To ease back into blogging, I decided to list a few beneficial tips which we should take note of on a daily basis but fail to do so. They’re short, simple and I’m really hoping they will be helpful.

1. Stretching for a couple of minutes in the morning really does make a difference to the way your body works and feels throughout the day.

2. Hot lemon water in the morning is an actual Godsend (especially with mint leaves).

3. Shampoo’s for the scalp, conditioner’s for the strands.

4. Remember to exfoliate before hair removal and moisturise after.

5. When using liquid make up products which are very thick in texture, dense them down by mixing them with a small amount of skin friendly oil.

6. Black goes with anything. So does white.

7. Every night when you’re washing your face before you sleep, run your ring finger under warm water and gently tug your bottom eyelid down so your waterline is exposed. Glide your ring finger along the waterline and repeat on the top waterline. This is important especially if you use eye make up regularly as bacteria is very prone to gather here thus resulting in infections. It also isn’t an area which is cleaned regularly.

8. Avoid using an excessive (or any) amount of oil on the face at night time because it can lead to clogged pores thus resulting in tiny (or big) pimples.

9. If you suffer from acne, make sure to change your pillow cases very regularly and try to switch to cooler materials such as satin.

10. Unclog your mind regularly and write down your thoughts.

Happy holidays and I hope you all have a wonderful memory filled summer. (:

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