Dr Organic’s snail range.

1 No snails were harmed in the making of this product.
 Snail slime, snail crap, Helix Aspersia Muller, call it whatever you may. No matter how grossed out you may be, your skin needs this gel.
Just a quick summary of the product:
How did it come about?
Snail slime is produced naturally from the snail in order for it to quickly regenerate its own skin and shell when it is damaged. When exporting products to the French food industry, snail farmers in Chile discovered the slime from the snails would leave their hands extremely hydrated and soft. It healed wounds and cuts in a very short amount of time which they found rather unusual.
2 What is in it?
When clinically tested and analysed in the laboratories, it was found that the secretion contains a unique balance of elements that are beyond beneficial, such as Collagen (vital for the skin), Elastin (this too), Glycolic Acid, Anti-bacterial substances, Allantoin, Vitamins and Minerals. All these are naturally free from harsh additives, parabens and chemicals which rid the skin of its natural moisture in turn causing long term damage.
3How does it come together to form the gel?
This particular gel is produced by snails which are humanely farmed under organic conditions that are certified. This involves allowing the snails to roam freely over glass panes and the mucus that they leave behind is collected and filtered. Thereafter, its water content is reduced by concentrating it through vacuum evaporation. Finally, a mild preservative is added into the mix in order to maintain its shelf life.
4 What are the benefits?
The formula of the gel is brimming with anti-ageing benefits. It moisturises, soothes and is very effective in reducing wrinkles, scars and leaves the skin smooth.
5 When my friends came to know I was using a product to do with snails, they judged me so hard, especially when they realised what it actually was. A family member who takes skincare as seriously as I do introduced this product to me and after doing some research and reading reviews on it I decided to try it out. It is available at Holland and Barrett’s. (:
It is understandable that the gel will not be appealing to everyone but once you unscrew the lid, you will be surprised.

“To avoid too much of an ‘ew factor,’ we have combined the natural snail gel with Aloe Vera and Lemongrass to ensure it smells and feels as good as it works.” – Lucy Pottinger, Holland & Barrett’s senior beauty buyer.

It has a very refreshing citrus scent to it which really compliments the cool texture of it. Therefore, it is perfect to use in the mornings as it really wakes you up because of how refreshing it smells and feels.
It is to be used after cleansing the face. It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling slightly tight. After waiting a few minutes, you should apply your moisturiser on top as normal. It can also be implemented into your night time skincare routine. (:
6 I was at a point where I wasn’t paying as much attention to my skin as I should have been and had broken out. After using the gel for just two days, the breakouts instantly began to disappear. So I added it into my daily skincare routine and have definitely noticed a humongous difference in terms of appearance and texture. Also, I went a week of eating crappy foods which usually break me out, however I was using the gel at the same time and didn’t have any breakouts at all so one of the conclusions I made about this gel, among others, was that it controls breakouts. (: woo. However, this is no reason to just eat crappy foods ok.
7 The gel really leaves the skin feeling soft and plump. It rids problem areas when applied to them which in turn gives your skin a very healthy and flawless appearance. It can be used on the body as well as the face so this is a bonus. Dr Organic has a whole range of snail products which target different areas such as nails, the eye area, hands, and so on.
8 The moisture mask looked appealing and so I picked this up too. I use this after steaming my face and apply the creamy gel texture onto the skin with my fingers and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. It penetrates deep into the pores and dries whilst doing so. It leaves a layer of sheen on the skin which is then washed off with warm water. This results in the skin feeling plump and soft. It’s very simple and quick with outstanding results.
10 After adding these two products from the Dr Organic snail range into my skincare routine, I have definitely noticed an improvement. I really recommend them if you’re looking for something extremely effective and natural. They’re interesting because of the whole snail factor and I love watching people’s reactions when they ask what I use on my skin and I say “snail shit.” Try it. Hahahaha.

  1. Great to chat today at the show and thank you so much for sharing about the snail product. Love love love the fact it has Aloe in it as that to is amazing for your skin. Jx

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