Philip Kingsley Elastic1izer.

1 Apparently this product was originally created for Audrey Hepburn? From what I read, it’s easy and does deliver well so I tried it out and definitely wasn’t disappointed. (:
 It is a multi-award winning product. This pre-shampoo treatment is intensive and it conditions by delivering moisture to the cuticles of the hair. Elasticity and bounce then appear in the hair without weighing it down. The story behind it is that Hepburn was after something that would keep her hair looking great because of the constant styling and processing on set. So she went to Kingsley and asked if he could whip up something. He came up with this for her and you can get it too! (:
2 Its texture is creamy yet light and it is fragrance free. Before using it, you’ll have to dampen the hair with warm water and apply this reatment with the fingers to the mid lengths of the hair and the ends. Cover with a plastic cap for around 20 minutes and then wash your hair as normal. If you feel that your hair is very damaged, you can leave this product in your hair overnight. Results are best delivered when used 1-2 times a week.
3 I’ve read more positive than negative reviews on it and I think from what I’ve seen myself, it definitely does make a difference. I noticed a visible change. My hair became softer and less frizzy. I think if you want to calm your hair down or just generally look after it, this is a must have. Go get your Hepburn on. (We’ll get to the eyebrows…eventually!)

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