Diorskin Star Fluid Foundation.

1  This weightless and brightening fluid foundaition literally is a star. From reading reviews, it’s stolen the spotlight from many other foundations. This is most likely because Dior has used a new and intense approach to this particular product. It is extremely fine and goes on with a glide. The texture is rich and silky yet soft, which definitely gives it a barely-there feel. This leaves nothing but a sheer veil of light on the skin. It provides flawless and excellent coverage and comfort, and holds all day long.

9 Without flash. Approx 7 hours of wear.

8With flash. Approx 7 hours of wear.

It is an advanced formula which involves Light Pulsion technology (something which other foundations are likely not to have) which gives a completely new dimension to light by doing 2 things:
1. Giving a purer and clarified complexion, day after day.
This is due to the ingredients that Dior describes as “anti-light trap.” They work on parts of the skin to brighten and radiate which in turn and with each application, reduce the appearance of redness, dark areas and pigment spots.
3 2. Producing a complexion that is visibly evener and more luminous.
Silica beads which in this formula are hollow, catch the light and diffuse it in a halo with no shine. As this happens, colour-filter pigments adapt to the skin tone and neutralize the colour imbalances in order to recreate a light which is perfect.
This is all because Dior has infused the foundation with two-dimensional light which gives users a whole new way to glow and shine.

7Swatch with Shade 031.

The glass bottle is extremely luxurious because of the slight metallic tint to it and silver band around the edge. It’s rather attractive to look at and definitely does make you feel like you are using a brilliant ass product. (: The lid has Christian Dior’s embellishment carved on it. The pump is easy to use and a fair amount comes out. Instructions on the bottle say to shake it before use and this is because of allowing all the ingredients in the formula to mix, thus presenting you with their advantages and benefits when applied.

5 And it gets a lot better because of my favourite part, the skin benefits. (:
The formula contains powerful ingredients that promise to increase the radiance of the skin over time. Firstly, the Daisy extract helps to regulate melanin and this works on reducing the appearance of dark areas. The Immortelle flower does its work on the stratum corneum, which is the outer layer of the skin which consists of dead skin cells, to encourage the renewals of cells. Lastly, the Liquorice extract is to fight redness and to boost micro-circulation.
6 All in all, it gives a healthy and natural glow to the skin and is very, very light so you won’t feel or look cakey. I highly recommend trying it if you pass a Dior counter and then make sure to buy it ok because honestly, you will not be disappointed. The packaging is great, the product is great and what it delivers is beyond great. Also, the smell of it is absolutely gorgeous. Dior definitely deserve a standing ovation for this one.4

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