DIY steaming the face.

4 Steaming the face offers looooaaaadddsss of benefits which contribute to beauty and health. I’ll quickly run through the main few and we’ll get started on how to carry out at home treatment. (:

1. Circulation levels are raised
When the change in temperature occurs, the receptors on your skin alert the brain. As a result of this, the blood vessels expand so as to allow more blood to flow to the skin to let off the heat. Alongside this, the blood delivers important nutrients to the skin tissue. So you can imagine what difference this makes.
2. Skin is made more receptive
If you are to use a face mask, the most appropriate time to use it would be after steaming the face as the skin is more warm at that time. The pores are made to be more “open” thus allowing the benefits of the ingredients in the mask to completely soak into the skin.
3. Perspiration
Steam hitting the face is obviously going to produce perspiration. This has a deep cleansing effect on the skin and as perspiration is proven to be 99% water, it does a great job in removing toxins, dirt and dead skin cells trapped in the pores of the skin. This is because the debris in the skin is softened thus making removal of any unwanted materials less difficult.

Steaming at home can’t get any easier. It involves only 4 things:
– boiling water
– a bowl
– towel
– timer


All you have to do after your water has boiled is pour it into the bowl, set the timer for around 7-10 minutes (completely up to you), place the towel over your head and the bowl together in such a manner that no air can get in or get out. What I like to do whilst I’m under there is to let the steam make contact with different parts of my face and not just the front. I do this by turning my head to the left and right so access can be made to each side of my face. Also, lifting the chin up slightly so the area under there can be treated too.


After your time is up, apply any face masks if desired and leave on for the prescribed time. Then rinse, moisturise well, drink plenty of water, eat clean and be happy. (:

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