Facial skin care routine.

1You must be new here if you haven’t figured I’m slightly obsessed with making my skin look and feel like that of a baby’s bottom, hehe. Then again, who wouldn’t?

It is vital to keep the skin looking and feeling healthy for a number of different reasons. After getting quite a few comments and questions on my tumblr regarding it, I’ve decided to write about what I do and what I use on it. As we’re heading into the cold seasons, the skin is more likely to dry out because of the air and become dry and flaky. So this is how I keep it well moisturized and stuff.xo

1. Water (tap, spring, mineral, whatever, just down that stuff)

It is said that 8 glasses of water, which amounts to approximately around 2 litres, should be consumed every single day. The amounts vary for men and women. Not only does water help your internal organs, its effects can be made visible on the exterior of your body if drank regularly. Although water makes you run to the loo more than often, it does a fantastic job in keeping your skin hydrated and washing out toxins. Hydration is highly important when it comes to skin as it runs a lower risk of breakouts, dryness and flakiness. So make sure you’re taking the first step to keeping your skin looking and feeling as healthy as possible, up your water intake!

2. Cleansing

Clean & Clear’s deep action cream wash is what I like to use in the mornings as it leaves a tingly and refreshing after feeling to the face which allows me to feel more awake which is brilliant, because I feel beyond dead in the mornings, yknow? It does exactly what it says, “cleans down to the pores for really clear skin.” I’ve been using this for yearssss and I honestly think it does a brilliant job in keeping my skin clean as I’m not highly prone to breakouts as much as I was before I began using it.

3. Exfoliating

I tend to use the dermaflannel every mornings for a more natural exfoliation if I feel I really need to. In the evenings, it’s a squeeze of Clean & Clear’s exfoliating daily wash on No7’s exfoliating sponge. These two work together a charm. The exfoliating wash contains micro-beads which work to unblock pores, remove dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil, which then in turn really cleans the skin. The texture of the sponge really contributes towards the exfoliating process and can be used by itself. I find that these two are best used in the evenings as they remove all the day’s crap off my face really well, along with make up.

4. Moisturizing

Not only does Bio-Oil tackle dehydrated skin, it works to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks (pregnant ladies, this is for you! (: Twice daily from the second trimester, hehe), uneven skin tone and ageing skin. I use it everyday in the mornings and evenings after washing and drying my face. It’s excellent in stopping the skin feeling dry and creates a brilliant base for any moisturizer

When it comes to keeping the appearance and texture of the skin up to standard, St. Ives Renwing Collagen Elastin Body Moisturizer is the best solution out there. It literally improves the elasticity of the skin and this is made extremely evident after really using it properly. It contains collagen and elastin proteins which help revive dry skin and keep it moisturized throughout the day. So this is really great for the cold winter season. The proteins contained in this formula really help with the skin’s elasticity which then allows it to look and feel soft and radiant. Continued use of this improve the skin’s moisturization. So if you aren’t seeing results straight away, just give it time. This with Bio-Oil is a godsend. It leaves the skin looking all dewy and feeling great.

5. Eat clean
I’m not saying cut out chocolate completely. Eat it but don’t overdo it. I cannot stress enough how we are what we eat. To be blunt, if you eat rubbish, you’re going to look and feel like rubbish. However, if you eat the good stuff, you’re going to look and feel good. It is crucial to have a well balanced diet. Not only does it benefit your skin, it benefits your body and you. (:

6. Remain clean
Germs are passed on to us every single day. We handle money, turn handles, blow our noses, use public toilets, type on keyboards etc. Always remember to keep your hands clean. Use hand sanitizers or antibacterial wipes when you’re out and about and wash your hands thoroughly with soap as soon as you get home. You’re going to be touching your face and handling food, you don’t want to do that with hands riddled with manky germs. (: Cleaning your make up brushes and sponges regularly is vital also.

7. Be happy (:
It is important to remain calm and collected at all times. Believe it or not, being stressed and on edge all the time does affect the skin as you’re more likely to not take much care of it than you would if you were chill. So just relax, smile and be happy. You’ll glow.

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