Introducing the dermaroller/micro needling.

It seems nowadays the majority of us are at that post-acne stage in our lives, or at some stage in our lives where we are in a constant battle with our skin. We’re on a never ending mission searching high and low for that one product which promises to completely get rid of scars and marks that flaw our faces and sticks to that promise. However, little do some of us realise that these products are packed with chemicals and ingredients which will have different effects on different skin types. Also, we’re being made the subject victim to excellent advertisement solely because we are in a vulnerable state and NEED these marks gone. But have you ever thought about letting your own body heal itself? It is entirely possible with the help of the dermaroller, a product that is completely free of any ingredients or chemicals whatsoever.


What is it?
To keep it simple, the dermaroller is an anti ageing weapon that battles any physical flaw on the skin. It is a circular roller consisting of needles available at different lengths on a handle. This little baby can be your sword.

What does it do?
The magic that the dermaroller promises to deliver is guaranteed because it works alongside your body to help your skin heal itself. By rolling the needles on your skin, you activate that area to feel pain hence alerting your white blood cells in your system to immediately rush to that area and begin the healing process. By doing this, with time and regular use, all scars and unwanted marks disappear leaving your skin good as new. Alongside this, collagen is produced. Collagen is a protein that is found in the majority of mammals. It is needed to allow blood vessels to strengthen and it also gives skin strength and elasticity which then in turn leaves your skin feeling and looking as new as a baby’s bottom. If there is a lack of collagen, the skin is prone to developing wrinkles and other issues.

Does it hurt?
The needles on a dermaroller range from 0.5mm to 1.5mm. For home use, 0.5mm is recommended as lengths then on forth are recommended for physician’s use in the circumstances of severe cases. If used correctly, the dermaroller feels more of a massage than anything else. It is felt more on the forehead as the skin there consists of no fat. However, on the rest of the face, consists of no pain at all.


How is it used?
When using the dermaroller for the first time, it should be sterilized in alcohol or boiling water for a while. The face should be cleansed throughly, patted dry and treatment should begin at the top of the face and work its way down in horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions.
1. Begin with horizontal rolls all along the forehead until all the area has been covered. Roll approximately 5 times in total.
2. This should then be followed by short vertical rolls across the forehead. Again, until all the area has been covered
3. Diagonal rolls right to left and then left to right should be commence. A bit like criss cross. (:
4. This procedure should be continued on both cheeks, chin and laugh lines (if visible).
5. After completing the treatment, spray the dermaroller with hot water and allow it to dry before returning it back into its case.

Please take note that micro needling does leave the skin appearing pink for a longer period of time. Therefore, treatment should be carried out at least 2 or 3 days prior in order for the skin to completely finish healing and return to its normal colour. Micro needling should be carried out once or twice every week maximum. This is because you need to allow your skin and body to finish the healing process before starting a new treatment. You can purchase your dermaroller online. I got mine from Amazon for a mere £3.00 (: Also, the appearance of your skin shouldn’t only rely on micro needling. A healthy lifestyle with lots of clean eating and water are also a major contributing factor towards better looking skin. So if you aren’t seeing results after 2-3 treatments, take a look at your diet because you really are what you eat!


I strongly feel that micro needling has made a difference to my skin. My results have always been evident a day or so after the treatment and it also feels great. However, I think that my diet also had an effect. I would highly recommend micro needling to anyone who is wanting to rid any scars or marks because personally, I feel it is a lot better and safer than using products packed with random chemicals and ingredients which you can’t even pronounce. So give it a try. (:

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